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2022 Education and Training Newsletters

2022 Education and Training Newsletters 

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January 2022 - Specialty Track Study Guides, Drill and Ceremonies, Accessing Member Reports in Different Formats, Uploading Documents to eServices

February 2022 - Education and Training Module Summary Sheets, Virtual In-Residence Program, Yeager Award, Accessing Full Personal Report in eServices, HUBCAP, Cyber Education, Collegiate Transfer Program

March 2022 - Volunteer University Instructor, VolU Lexicon, Updated NCWG Education and Training Webpages, Reading Professional Levels - Part 1, eServices Changes and News, VA Wing E&T Training Opportunities, CAP NESA-MTT Training, Safety in CAP and Safety Officers College

April 2022 - Col Joe Winter, Chief of Education and Training Message, NC Wing Annual Conference Attendance Credit and Recorded Seminars, Reading Professional Levels - Part 2, The Public Affairs Challege! by Capt Liz Dunster, 2022 Maj Gen Mark Smith JanEX Prize to Honor CAP Spirit of Innovation, CAP's Standard Graphics Templates and Brand Guide, CAP Virtual Meeting Backgrounds, 2022 National Conference, 2022 CAP National Aerospace Education Office School, 2022 National Emergency Services Academy (NESA), 2022 Joint Region Chaplain Corps Staff College, Mid-Atlantic Search and Rescue College

May 2022 - Col Ed Angelovich's article on Building Our Wing Bench Strength, Requesting to Join a Cohort, Moderated and Automated Modules in AXIS, Reading Professional Levels Screens - Part 3, CAP’s Brand Guide, Uniform Regulation and the NCWG Uniform Supplement, National Conference 25-27 August, Other Learning and Training Opportunities

June 2022 - NC Wing Specialty Track Subject Matter Experts, National Conference Learning Opportunities, Level IV Moderated Modules Course, Volunteer University's Role in Your Unit by Capt Brent Wooters, Education and Training Resources on NCWG Website, How to Search for an Item on a Webpage, How to Find a Module on the Virtual In-Residence Calendar, FEMA Damage Assessment Training, Training Leaders of Cadets Course, Points of Distribution Training

July 2022 - NC Wing Specialty Track Subject Matter Experts, NHQ Specialty Track Update, Reading Professional Levels Screens - Part 4, Female Leadership Mentoring Group by Col Ann Brechbuhl, Using Shortcut Functions on the Computer, CAP Safety System - CAPSIS, 2022 National Conference, Level IV Moderated Modules, Training Leaders of Cadets Basic, Points of Distribution Training, ICS 400 Course, Volunteer Magazine, Civil Air Patrol New Logo

August 2022 - NC Wing Resource Reminder, Level II Moderated Modules, AE and the Yeager Award by Lt Col Jeremy Browner, Personnel Specialty Track Guide Update, Awards and Ribbons, Accessing the Brand Guide, CAP Acronyms, 2023 NC Wing Conference, 2022, National Conference, Level IV Moderated Modules, TLC Basic, WingX, Air University Press

September 2022 - Your Intellectual Architecture for Our mission Success Article by Col Ed Angelovich, Virtual In-Residence Program Reminder & Fall Schedule, Level II Moderated Modules Hosted by Group 4, 2022 CAP National Conference Recap, NC Wing End of Year Awards, Uploading Picture to eServices, Staying Safety Current, 2023 Wing Conference & Request for Seminar Presenters, Level IV Moderated Modules, Training Leaders of Cadets Basic, Group 3 ES & Drone Training

October 2022 - Level V Virtual In Residence, Board of Governors Article by Col Larry Ragland, Demystifying Education and Training Terms, Professional Military Education Credit, NC Wing End of Year Awards, CAP AE Member Program, Viewing LMS and AXIS Results, Project Mercury Training Slots, 2023 NC Wing Conference, Level IV Moderated Modules, TLC Basic, Group 3 ES Drove Training, Ranger Training Weekend, Geospatial Damage Assessments

November 2022 - E&T Level II’s Four Paths, Level III – Mentor a Member Through Level I, Specialty Tracks, HUBCAP, Setting Up a “One Click” List of Favorites, Finding Credit for Any of the Past Three National Conferences, 2023 NC Wing Conference - Registration is Open!, Level IV Moderated Modules, Training Leaders of Cadets Basic - Group 6, Geospatial Damage Assessment Training

December 2022 - On Mentoring... by Lt Col Stephen Leighton, ViR Winter Schedule Registration Open, CAP Board of Governors, Maj Gen Mark Smith's Briefings, Accessing Your Full Personnel Report, 2023 Winter conference, Level IV Moderated Modules, Training Leaders of Cadets, CAP History Resources, Volunteer Magazine - Fall 2022

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