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Education and Training Resources

Education and Training Pamphlets and Regulations

CAPP 40-40 Specialty Track Study Guide - Professional Development Officer
CAPR 40-1 Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Education & Training Program
CAPR 40-2 Testing Administration and Security with Coronavirus Waiver
CAPP 40-7 Mentoring
CAPP 40-8 Moving Beyond the Cadet Program 


Related Personnel Regulations

CAPP 30-1 Sample Position Descriptions
CAPR 35-1 Assignment and Duty Status
CAPR 35-5 CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and Promotions
CAPR 39-3 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates


Other Resources and Instruction Guides

Education & Training Level Requirements and Promotion Eligibility Chart - an at-a-glance chart that lists requirements for each Level in the Education and Training Program and time in grade requirement for promotion

    Education & Training and Promotion Eligibility Chart - Fillable - members can enter completion dates and information in this fillable chart 

Education and Training: Building the Foundation - NC Wing 2022 Conference seminar on the process and steps for a prospective member to take in completing Level I.  This seminar is for both members and Education and Training Officers

Education and Training Program 2024 NC Wing Conference Seminar - There are two parts to download.  Click Presentation Slides for the PowerPoint and Presentation Notes for the information describing the slides.

New Member Plan of Action - this plan will be a guide to helping you positively begin your CAP career and to learn more about CAP


Volunteer University - Professional Levels, Cohorts, and More

Education and Training Module Summary Sheets - a comprehensive list of the modules in every Level and identifies which modules are automated or moderated

    Level I Module Tracker - a fillable module summary sheet

    Level II Module Tracker - a fillable module summary sheet

    Level III & SCC Module Tracker - a fillable module summary sheet

    Level IV & GCC Module Tracker - a fillable module summary sheet

    Level V & RCC Module Tracker - a fillable module summary sheet

eServices Tool Guide for Education and Training - this NHQ guide contains instructions on many areas in Education and Training

Professional Levels - how to read Professional Levels screens and enter items

Cohort Information - description of cohorts in Volunteer University

     Cohort Registration Instructions - how to register for an upcoming cohort group

Virtual In-Residence Program - link to the main webpage for this program, access to the ViR Calendar   

     ViR Program Document - provides information on how to register, ViR policies, and links to the Student Dashboard

     Student Dashboard - link to the Student Dashboard, student requirements, waitlists, pre and post course assignments and more

Volunteer University Lexicon - the words and acronyms used in Volunteer University and their definitions


Specialty Tracks

Specialty Tracks Brief Descriptions - CAP's listing of duty positions/specialty tracks with brief position descriptions

Specialty Track Quick Look Table - a quick reference guide that addresses common questions about the various tracks


How To...

Uploading Documents to eServices - how to upload documents such as driver's license, pilot documents, FEMA certificates, etc. in eServices

Uploading Activity and Service Ribbons to eServices Record - instructions on how to upload to your eServices account activity and service ribbons earned

     Ribbon Rack Builder - Courtesy of McChord - build your rack of ribbons earned

Setting Up a List of Favorites in eServices - how to set up favorites in eServices for one-click access under Favorite Apps


Other Resources

CAP Office Symbols and Office of Primary Responsibility - Office symbols used in Civil Air Patrol

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