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Aircrew Information Files (AIF)

The below documents are required for all CAP Aircraft assigned to NCWG. The chart outlines the order the documents should be in. Please note that some of the below documents are exclusive to North Carolina Wing and can only be found below. 

Any questions please contact the NCWG/DO.

Outside Front Cover


Inside Front Cover

Aircraft Grounded Placard 

Fuel Card

Fuel Card Sleeve

Front Sleeve

(Face) Table of Contents  

(Rear) Administrative Preflight Checklist  

Tab #1

Aircraft Flight Time Log (Spares in Sleeve)

CAPS 72-2 Mission Symbols

Tab #2

(Face) Aircraft Equipment Inspection (Sleeve) 

(Rear) SDIS Letter (Sleeve) 

CAPF 71 (Sleeve) 

Tab #3

(Face) VOR Test Record (Sleeve) 

(Rear) Fire Extinguisher Log (Sleeve) 

Tab #4

Aircraft Specific V-Speeds

Tab #5

Aircraft Specific Weight and Balance

Tab #6

Aircraft Specific Cruise Performance Data  

Tab #7

Aircraft Specific Equipment Instructions

(Only print document of equipment in aircraft)

TDFM 136/136A Quick Reference Card 

TDFM 136B Quick Reference Card 

TDFM 9100 Quick Reference Checklist (N938CP and N963CP Only)

Becker SAR DF-517 (Becker Aircraft Only)

Tab #8

MAR CAP Repeater QRM  

NCWG CAP VIPER XTS 1500 Guide  (Required in Viper Equipt Aircraft Only) ***

Tab #9

• CAPR 70-1  

• CAPR 160-2

Tab #10

• (Face) Operational Risk Management Form (Sleeve)  

• (Rear) Operational Risk Management Instructions (Sleeve)  

Tab #11

NCWG CAPR 70-1 Supplement

MAR CAPR 160-2 Supplement 

Tab #12 

NCWG CAPR 66-1 Supplement

Tab #13

NCWG CAPR 60-3 Supplement

Tab #14

Blank Cover 

Tab #15

Blank Cover 

Last Page

Crosswind Chart (Sleeve) 

Inside Back Cover

CAPF 70-9 

Outside Back Cover

Loose / Removable Equipment  

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