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Health Services Reference Materials

Health Services Reference Materials (Currently in Draft format).   As of March 2020, these new regulations and forms have not yet been fully confirmed.

Documents on this page include:

  • CAPR 79-1:   this is the new CAP regulation covering the health services program
  • CAPF 79-1, 79-2, 79-3, 79-4:   These are the newly revised health services forms
    • CAPF 79-1:  This is the Minor/Ward health information form
    • CAPF 79-2:  This is the Adult/Senior Member health information form
    • CAPF 79-3:  This is the new form to be used to indicate a members health participation level
    • CAPF 79-4:   When completed, this will be a form for use in documenting First Aid / CPR encounters with members
  • Blood Borne Pathogen training program
  • NC Wing Exposure Control Plan
  • 2022 Pamphlet on the Role of the HSO in CAP
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