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Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)



Cadet Advisory Councils have three main purposes:

1.      To provide an organization where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels;

2.      Aid the commanders in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program;

3.      Make recommendations for improving and running the Cadet Program.

Comprised of North Carolina Wing cadets, the North Carolina Wing CAC advises NCWG/HQ, the North Carolina Wing Cadet Programs Directorate, and the Wing Commander on cadet-related matters.


The North Carolina Wing Cadet Advisory Council Staff

Cadet Advisory Council Chair- C/1st Lt Philip Nazzaro

Cadet Advisory Council Vice Chair- C/1st Lt Joshua Stange

Cadet Advisory Council Recorder- C/1st Lt Sarah Haynes

Middle East Region Cadet Advisory Council Representative – C/Maj Natalia Randolph

Middle East Region Cadet Advisory Council Assistant Representative- C/Capt Aidan Thibodeaux

Meeting Schedule for FY20

  • October 13 Conference Call, 8-9pm
  • In-Person: November 9 @ Wing HQ during the Commanders Call
  • December 8 Conference Call – Only Committee Leaders and Top 3
  • January 12 Conference Call, 8-9pm
  • In-Person: February 8 @ Wing Conference in Greensboro, NC.
  • March 8 Conference Call, 8-9pm
  • April 19 Conference Call, 8-9pm
  • In-Person: May @ Wing HQ during Commanders Call.
  • June 9 Conference Call, 8-9pm
  • July – CANCELLED
  • In-Person: August @ Wing HQ. Just CAC, no Commanders Call. ABU/BDUs. AWARDS/RIBBONS.
  • September 13 Conference Call – LAST MEETING FOR THIS TERM.
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