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2020 NC Wing Education & Training Newsletters

2020 Education and Training Newsletters 

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July 2020 - Setting Up Favorites in eServices, Uploading Activity and Service Ribbons, Specialty Tracks, Grandfathering Rules, Frequently Asked Questions about the New Education and Training Program

August 2020 - New Education and Training Program, Taking Courses in AXIS, Viewing Your Record in eServices, North Carolina TERMS

September 2020 - Education and Training Program Information, CAPR 40-1 Senior Member Education and Training Program, CAPipedia, HUBCAP, National Emergency Services Academy

October 2020 - Information on Cohorts, Yeager Award, Award Nominations, Printing a Temporary Membership Card, Air University Press, Other Conferences

November 2020 - Professional Military Education Credit, Highlighting Education and Training Levels, Viewing Learning Management System and AXIS Results, Finding National Conference Credit, Backgrounds for Teams, Maj Gen Smith's Videos

December 2020 - New Education and Training Webpage, Level II Part 1 Moderated Modules, Level II Grandfathering and Requirements, Getting Back to eServices from AXIS, Viewing Your Progress in Professional Levels, Civil Air Patrol Books and Reading Material






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