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2024 NCWG Conference Seminar Descriptions

                       2024 North Carolina Wing Conference Seminars

(Updated 18 October 2023)


Engines and Fuels Used in Modern Rockets

This presentation will provide a "somewhat" detailed explanation of different engines and fuels powering today's rockets, including: Rocket engines used in today's rockets along advantages and disadvantages of each type of engine as well as some of the rockets that these engines power, different fuels used in today's rockets and specific rocket systems where these fuels are used, exotic fuels and engines used in spacecraft, cutting edge rocket engine technologies, a Q&A session, and hand out with links to informative websites on the above information


The New and Improved Flight Simulator STEM Kit

This presentation will provide an overview on the Flight Simulator STEM Kit, including system requirements, hardware and software that units will receive with the kit, and a review of the documentation for getting the kit up and running.  In addition, the second session will be a hands-on learning experience using the actual kit.

Overshadowed: The (even) Greater Solar Eclipse of 2024

Totality for the 2024 Solar Eclipse will be almost double of the 2017 Eclipse. Eclipses are an amazing experience – seeing the exquisite beauty of the Sun’s corona hanging in the suddenly darkened sky is not like anything else we might see. We will learn about Eclipses, focusing on the 2024 Solar Eclipse. The presenters will share their experiences viewing Solar and Lunar Eclipses, as well as safety precautions when viewing and photographing these spectacular astronomical events.

Earning your Cyber or STEM badge, What makes a good dossier

difficult and many of the requirements are straight forward.  However, one of the challenges is researching and writing a good dossier.  This session will cover the basics of earning either badge and cover the details of a good dossier, strategies and websites to help find the information and complete the dossier requirement.

Launching a Successful Rocketry Program

Model Rocketry is fun for Cadets and Seniors and provides an exciting opportunity to learn topics in Physics, Aerodynamics, and History. Learn how to easily plan and run an effective Model Rocketry Program using proven techniques. 

CAP Cyber Update

CAP Cyber isn't just for cadets anymore! CAP Cyber is growing by leaps and bounds. This update will present where we were, where we are, and where we are going. We will discuss educational opportunities with Cisco Networking Academy, Cadet and Senior offerings, and future educational opportunities. New online classes are now available for the CyberSecurity Pathway, and new certification pathways are on the horizon. Come hear about how CAP is leading the way in Cyber.

Cyberspace and Reasons for Civil Air Patrol's Promotion of CISCO Pathway Cybersecurity Courses

The U.S. Air Force amended its mission statement in 2005 to include focus on the Air Force mission in cyberspace.  CAP is promoting cyberspace and cybersecurity , especially in annual cadet cyberspace competition.  The presenter recently successfully completed all seven (7) CAP recommended cybersecurity Pathway program courses.  The presenter will discuss his course progression, recommendations for WHY to pursue the cybersecurity courses, AND suggestions to make the courses more of interest to adult senior members to encourage senior enrollment especially by non- IT members, like himself.  The content is from a novice viewpoint for those of us not pursuing cyberspace or cybersecurity careers. 

The AE ACE Plus Adoption Program: A Door into Recruiting in the schools

The school system is a fantastic array of possible CAP members both on the cadet side as well as the adult membership…but how do you penetrate that wall. The AE ACE Plus Adoption program is a powerful way to introduce the CAP while accomplishing our external AE mission.

Chaplain/CDI Roundtable

A time for Chaplains and CDIs to fellowship and discuss Best Practices that they have used – or are developing – within their places of service. Come prepared to share. We all can learn from one another. One of the Core Values is Excellence – not perfection but being the best that we can be. Learning and sharing can help us achieve that value in our ministry to those around us.

Balancing Life Stress

Dr. Robert Eliot (Cardiologist) has said: “Stress may be the spice of life or the kiss of death.” Many of us have endured many stressful changes in our lives. One of CAP’s wellness initiatives is centered on Resilience. Resilience is how we get ready, respond to, and return from stressful or crisis situations. In this seminar we will focus on refueling for pressing on – bouncing back – by coping with stress. David McCasland is quoted as saying “Although people will pay to fix their stress, they are not about to change the lifestyle that is causing it.” Are you willing to change to relieve the stress in your life?

Navigating the E&T Program and eServices

This seminar will help senior members understand the Education and Training Program.  We will cover the reasons for the Levels, modules, different modalities, specialty tracks, and more.  We will also dive into eServices so you find what you need in the E&T Program and provide you with tools to succeed in your service in CAP.

Training Leaders of Adults: The Key to Having a Successful Senior Member Program

The key to achieving success in the Senior Member program requires the program to be structured, fulfill your members needs and mission mission-driven. The program that we have developed accomplishes all of this and more and can breathe life into any existing senior program or serve as the foundation for a new program.

Reimagining Professional Development Presentations with AI Technology 

The most challenging aspect of teaching online or during live presentations is maintaining interest without losing the audience. Toss out the old PowerPoints and boring approaches. This presentation will introduce technology to help you reimagine and retool your online and face-to-face teaching by using AI-generated templates, auto-adapting pictures, integrating videos in seconds, and producing high-quality visuals. 2d Lt Croft is a member of NC-031, is the Professional Development Officer, and is a former college professor with a doctorate in educational leadership and psychology.

Best Practices and Other Radical Ideas in Finance

Let's go beyond the numbers.  What works well and what doesn't in your finance role?  Join in on discussions of tips and tricks that can make your role in finance more efficient while ensuring you are staying in accordance with financial policies and regulations.

NCWG Communications Directorate Update 2024

An update and overview of the Communications Directorate in NCWG for 2024.

CAP Legislative Action: Discussing HB600

Review and discussion around House Bill 600 and its effects on CAP in North Carolina Wing.

Expectations on Responding to a Cadet in Crisis

Whether you signed up here specifically to work with cadets or just to fly airplanes, the fact remains that you’re part of an organization that parents trust with the well-being of their children every week. That comes with a responsibility that none of us gets to ignore. If you see or hear something, say something. No one is asking you to solve problems, just to make sure that the right people know about them so that they can do the job they signed up for. You’re here to save lives, and sometimes that happens right here in the building, not out in the woods.

HSO Presentation: Topic TBD


IG Status Across the Wing

The IG will be presenting the status of the IG and compliance within the wing as well as how to prepare for inspections. 

IACE at a Glance – From Zorbing to Aerial Walks and Wallabies to Poutine

In this fun and engaging presentation, two NC Civil Air Patrol members share their experiences as International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) Mid-Atlantic Region hosts and international escorts to New Zealand and Canada. IACE is considered Civil Air Patrol’s most competitive National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA). The presenters will explain what IACE is, the application process, and share resources from NHQ. Anyone interested in participating in this premier cadet activity either as a Cadet Ambassador or a Senior Escort should plan to attend.

NCWG sUAS Program Overview and the Process of Becoming a CAP sUAS Technician or MP

This presentation will provide a thorough overview of the NC Wing’s drone program including the drones we use, the roles that make up a team and our capabilities. Then we’ll review what is required to become a sUAS Technician and / or a sUAS Mission Pilot.

New Teal 2 Flight Demo with hands on Flight Experience

This session will be away from the primary venue because it is too close to the airport’s airspace. We will have several of our instructors available to demonstrate the capabilities of the Teal 2 drones and then allow each attendee to have an opportunity to fly the Teal 2 or similar drone.

Advanced Foreflight Session

This session will teach pilots about the advanced aspects of Foreflight from a Mission Pilot and Mission Observer perspetive.  We will discuss proper settings for Foreflight setup, as well as methods and tactics that can be utilized for planning searches, routes, setting grids, and more.

NCWG Operations Update/Q&A Session

This seminar will provide an overview of where we are in 2024 to date and where we are headed as an Operations directorate. You will have an opportunity to meet the people behind the emails and ask questions and provide feedback on all things Operations. Attendees are encouraged to provide questions ahead of time that may benefit the group for presentation and discussion. Please email them to Maj Robert Call at

Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid Certification (Meets SQTR Requirements) - 90 Minutes Presentation

Emergency Services Update/Q&A Session

This will be a forum to discuss updates in the program, ongoing missions, training expectations, after action for recent missions, and feedback for the ES Staff.

The NCWG ICS: Understanding roles & responsibilities, as well as opportunities around the Wing

Have you ever wondered what the members assigned to mission base actually do during a mission? Here is your chance to find out as well as find out what training you need to become one of them! 

Recruiting AEMs 

I am hoping to present on the benefits of recruiting AEMs and tips of ways to recruit them. I will review how Title 1 funding can be used to recruit AEMs as well as ways to reach out to youth organizations and home school groups.

Use of AI tools, especially large language models, in PA work

How can PAOs use large language models to improve their workflow. What are the advantages and drawbacks of these tools. What are the implications of the use of these tools on ethics, transparency, accuracy, and trust.  

Safety Reporting Workshop

We'll run through several scenarios and practice entering SSOs into CAPSIS.  Participants should being their laptops to participate.


Transportation: Back to the Basics

Overview of basic transportation forms and ORMS submissions, that pertains too Transportation. 


Seminars are subject to change


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