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North Carolina Wing Cadet Competition

We're so excited about our annual North Carolina Wing Cadet Competition! Here is the information for 2023!

Date:  6-8 January 2023

Location: Justice Academy East, Salemburg, NC.

Cadet Competition Kick-off and Informational Day!! Sunday 30 October 2022

Because there may be squadrons with little to no experience, we are holding an NCWG Cadet Competition Kick-off and Informational Day on Sunday, 30 October from 0900 to 1500 at Wing HQ.  This is NOT mandatory, but designed to help squadrons get their teams up and running.  We will cover the individual events and discuss the best way to prepare for the competition. Please click on this link to register for the NCWG Cadet Competition Kick-Off and Informational Day on 30 October 2022.


Mission of the CAP Cadet Competition:

According to CAPP 60-75, the Mission of the CAP Cadet Competition program is to showcase the full range of challenges in cadet life experienced at the squadron level, and new areas of learning that are important to America.  According to cadets who have participated in the event, it is a challenging and fun event that will improve your drill performance, leadership skills, and create friendships and memories that last a life time.

Detailed information about the events included in the Competition can be found at this link: CAPP 60-75 National Cadet Competition Guide

The Team:

-  consists of 6 cadets with one designated as the Cadet Commander.

-  each team must have 2 Senior Members or Cadet Sponsor member escorts who are CPP current. 

-  team may consist of cadets from up to 2 squadrons.  (So, if you don't have enough for a team with your own squadron, you can combine with another squadron.)

Core Events: 

  1. Indoor Posting
  2. Outdoor Posting
  3. Standard Drill
  4. Uniform Prep/Inspection
  5. AE/Leadership Written Exam
  6. CPFT
  7. Team Leadership Problem

2 Non-Core Events that NCWG has chosen are:

  1. UAS – Using the STEM Drone, (4 cadets written exam from drone pilot course, 2 cadets flying drone mission
  2. Panel Quiz - Jeopardy style quiz 

More information regarding cost, packing list, etc will be sent out once we know how many teams will be participating.

How to Register! 

When you are ready to register your team, click on this link: NCWG Cadet Competition TEAM Registration Link. Please only complete ONE registration per team. This is a TEAM registration link. 

Questions or concerns? Email:   We would like every cadet/composite squadron to be able to send a team.  Let us know if you need support!

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