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The PAO Challenge

What is the PAO Challenge?
The PAO Challenge is an incentive program to encourage completion of certain tasks for PAO's in NC Wing working towards their ratings in the PAO Specialty track. 


How does it work?
On completion of certain tasks on the lists to complete the PAO Specialty tracks, PAO's should e-mail Capt Dunster confirming the task completed.  PAO's are recognized weekly via the PAO weekly e-mail, and space/aviation themed stickers are mailed to those who completed tasks in the previous week.
On completion of any of the ratings, PAO's can earn an NCWG PAO -themed microfiber cloth as well as a miniature 3-D printed model camera, and certificate. PAO's who mentor other PAO's will also be recognized.

Examples of Tasks for stickers:
  • Article submitted to Wing/NHQ/external media  (if same article – one sticker – if article is adapted for different outlets, the PAO might receive more than one). 
  • ICS 29
  • ICS 242
  • Any of the FEMA classes
  • Completed MSA rating
  • Completed PIO rating
Microfiber cloth , miniature 3-D camera and certificate/alternate award:
Complete any of the 3 PAO ratings
Mentor a fellow PAO through their rating.

The Public Affairs Specialty track guide can be found:
Submissions should be via e-mail, and include a scanned copy of the rating checklist the PAO is working on, and any other pertinent documentation proving completion of the task.
Questions should be directed to 1st Lt Engstrom.

Congratulations to the following PAO's who have completed the Challenge!
1.Capt Racheal Gliniak - Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron - Technician rating - 8 January 2023
1. 1st Lt Glenda Engstrom - Sandhills Senior Squadron - Senior rating - 15 May 2022
2. Capt Bruce Hudson - Johnston County Composite Squadron - Technician rating - 25 May 2022
3. 2d Lt Yelena McManaman - Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron - Technician rating - 3 November 2022
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