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Article Submission Guidelines for NCWG Website: (Revised March 2020)

* E-mail article and photo attachments to Wing PAO!

* Send story in body of the e-mail - rather than as an attachment.

* Please do not use any formatting, page centering, etc.  Do not submit on CAP letterhead.

* Do not include any photos in the body of the text.  Attach photos to email!

* Subject line should include: Unit name and brief description [e.g., "Lizzard Lick Comp Sq (MER-NCXXX): Senior member honored for AE contribution"]

* Always include Author’s contact info: name, rank, unit/wing, phone, e-mail, etc.

* You may compose your article in MS Word. Use Spell Check. Heed messages that say, “Passive voice, consider revising.”  Copy and paste this text into your e-mail to the Wing PAO!

* Do NOT send articles and photos in separate E-mails.  Piecemeal submissions will be returned.

* Refer often to the AP Stylebook, especially when listing member’s ranks: Use Lt Col and not LtCol.

* Obtain your squadron Commander’s approval of the article BEFORE submission!  Copy your Unit Commander on the email submitting the article to Wing.

* Please contact the Wing PAOs if you have any questions.

Submitting Digital Images/Photos:

* Submit as jpg attachments to the e-mail (no tiffs, bmps, gifs, etc.), rather than in body of story.

* Submit three or four good photo’s – please note that the new website permits posting of one photo only with article.

* Minimum scan resolution: 250-300 dpi and minimum pixel resolution: 1280 x 960

* Cellphone photos of at least 2.5 Mb may be used

* Please send photos as email attachments, NOT links to photo-hosting Web sites.

* Photos must be in color (unless the original is B/W). Do not add any special effects.

* Provide detailed cutline info (captions): including description of action, complete identities, photo credits. Large groups need not be individually identified. Members in photo must be correctly uniformed.

* Try to submit at least one photo with every submission, even if it's just a head-&-shoulders shot of the senior member or cadet featured in the article or a squadron patch.

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