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Orientation Flights

The Powered Orientation Flight Request Form (NCWGF52) is designed to allow Squadrons that do not have an aircraft readily available to them to easily request Orientation Flights for their cadets.

All requests must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance. This allows for aircraft and crew scheduling. Once the request has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email. The request will then be reviewed and forwarded to the 2 nearest Squadrons to your location with an available aircraft to begin coordination. If we are not able to honor the request due to crew or aircraft availability you will be notified immediately.

Do not fill out this form if you have an aircraft readily accessible unless relocation flights are required.  

A Form 52 is required to be approved for any aircraft relocation in support of cadet orientation flights.

If you have any questions or need assistance please email the Orientation Flight Help Desk.

To locate the nearest squadron to you with an aircraft please click on the below map.



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