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Funding Request

Form98A (Air) Operations Funding Request

Form98G (Ground) Operations Funding Request   

Note: All funding request must be submitted 72 hours prior to the start date of the request. This allows the ES staff time to process the request. Any funding request submitted less than 72 hours prior to the start date may not be processed. If your request was submitted more than 72 hours prior to the start date and you have not received a response please email with the tracking number to inquire about the status of the request.


TBD listed for crew members or check pilots is not a complete request.

What can be funded?
If in doubt what can be actually covered by a request, please read this guide .

Can a member serve as both mission pilot and aircrew trainer on the same flight?

While not strictly forbidden by regulation, we would discourage this practice if it can be avoided. The flight will be safer and more effective as training if the pilot can focus on flying while a dedicated trainer is able to devote their full attention to training.  Please make every effort to bring along a qualified SET for aircrew training.  

Can I fly both training sorties in one day? 

Again, we would discourage this. Aircrew training, particularly for Mission Observer, is complex and requires some time (and regular practice) to become and remain proficient.  Any pilot can tell you that this is especially true on the G1000.  We have seen too many examples of folks checking off these boxes as quickly as possible, only to find that they haven't truly absorbed the training.  

Training Types:

SAR Training / DR Training/ HLS Training: initial, recurrent or familiarization training for MP/MO/MS/AP/TISO training.  This would include but is not limited to the following,

  • Search Patterns

  • Disaster Relief Training

  • Aerial Photography training

  • Becker/DF Utilization

  • F91 Prep Flights

  • Thermal Imagining System Operator (TISO) Training

  • G1000 FITS training (eligible mission pilots) 


MP Proficiency:  An active MP (12+ PIC time in 12 calendar months) that is looking to maintain FAA pilot skills.  This would include but is not limited to (under special circumstances),

  • Night Landing Currency

  • Instrument approaches 



Checkrides:  the actual check ride to complete a F5 or F91.  The training flights leading up to a F91 are SAR training flights and not check ride funds.

• Initial or Expired Form 5 checkrides are not eligible for funding.

• Initial or Expired Form 91 checkrides may be eligible if funding permits.

Relocation flights are authorized but additional funding will not be provided. Any cost over the approved amount will be at the cost of the pilot.  

Checkride funding request must have all information to include but is not limited to the checkpilot and date. 

Detailed training descriptions must be provided when submitting a F98. Click on the link to see examples of thorough Sample Training Descriptions.


On Boarding:  a new member that holds a current FAA pilot certificate but has not been previously qualified as a CAP F70-5 pilot. The new member may be eligible for up to 3 hours of on boarding flight training with a CAP Instructor Pilot. This funding does not include the initial form 70-5 checkride. To be eligible the member must,

  1.  Have completed Level 2 Part 1 of the CAP Training and Education program.
  2.  Have all members pilot documentation uploaded to Ops Quals and validated. 
  3.  Have completed the Aircraft Ground Handling Training located in AXIS.
  4.  Signed the aircrew professionalism agreement.
  5.  Have completed the CAPR 70-1 Exam (basic and airplane) located in AXIS.  
  6.  Have completed the G1000 Ground School and been validated in Ops Quals.

Return to Flight:  A CAPF 70-5 pilot due to no fault of their own, have experienced an interruption in their flying activity that resulted in expiration of their qualifications or a CAP pilot expiring before 31 December 2020. The pilot may be eligible for up to 3 hours of return to flight training  Funding request will be reviewed and prioritized based on the following order,

  1. Active Instructor Pilots (IPs), Check Pilots (CPs), Check Pilot Examiners (CPEs), Mission Check Pilots (MCPs) and Mission Check Pilot Examiners (MCPEs)
  2. Active Mission Pilots (MPs), Transport Mission Pilots (TMPs) and Cadet Orientation Pilots
  3. Active VFR Pilots (12+ hours PIC time in 12 calendar months)
  4. Inactive pilots (0 < 12hours PIC time in 12 calendar months)

Documentation of the training conducted is required for all funded training request. Training request will not be reimbursed if the CAPF104 or CAPF109 is not properly completed. In some cases all of the information requested in the CAPF104 or CAPF 109 may not apply. Do not leave any line items blank. If a line item doesn't apply please add N/A to the line.  

Below are samples of properly completed CAPF104s and CAPF109s.

CAPF104 Sample 

CAPF109 Sample 

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