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Aircraft Maintenance Log Portal

We require that anytime maintenance is performed on our aircraft the log page be scanned and submitted to the Wing. This allows us to have a centralized site to store maintenance records. There are a number of benefits to this.

  • Allows for easy access for NCWG staff when information is requested;

  • Allows for a secondary location for records.

A few important things to remember when submitting 

  • All scanned log entries need to be submitted within 72 hours upon completion of MX. 

  • All log entries need to be scanned as a full-page pdf. Please do not send jpeg images over. When jpegs are sent it requires us to download, scan, pdf and then upload them. So please send them over correctly the first time.

Example of an Correct Scanned Log


Example of an Incorrect Scanned Log

***Logbook is a picture and not scanned ***



***Logbook is not the entire page. The top of the page has been cutoff***

  • All logs need to be properly titled. The Log needs to have the Tail Number_Logbook (ie. N963CP_Airframe Logbook 3). This helps us to figure out what log we need to add the page too.

  • If a new logbook is started this needs to be noted and the cover page of the log needs to also be scanned so we know we are creating a new logbook file.

If the aircraft logbook is almost out of pages a new logbook can be printed. We offer two options depending on which logbook style you have. 

Maintenance Logbook-8.5x11

Maintenance Logbook-8.5x5.5

Please complete the following before printing;

  1. Download the logbook to your computer

  2. Open the logbook template

  3. Select the logbook you need to print

  4. Enter the aircraft serial number (this can be found in AMRAD)

  5. Enter the aircraft registration (this is the tail number)

  6. Enter the logbook number (i.e. if this will be the third airframe logbook the the number would be 3)

  7. Remember to print this double sided


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