MAR-NC-001 (NC Wing)
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Appearance Guidelines

NCWG strives to have the best aircraft possible. In addition to our aircraft conducting SAR, DR and Orientation flights, CAP aircraft are used as a recruiting tool for this organization so their appearance is extremely important. 

The pilot and/or a crew member is required to wipe down the below areas after each flight, 

  1. Nose Section (Near Propeller)

  2. Leading Edges of Wings

  3. Leading Edges of Wing Struts

  4. Leading Edges of Tail

  5. Main Landing Gear Struts

  6. Front Windscreen (Water or Aviation approved Window Cleaner, DO NOT USE WINDEX)

  7. Becker and Antennas on the belly (As needed based on oil build up)

By doing this after each flight it will help to remove the bugs and dirt from the aircraft. To wipe down these areas take approximately 5-10 minutes.


The following contents should be located in the aircraft kits on NCWG aircraft.

1 Spray Bottle with Water only

Blue Towels labeled "Windscreen"

Green Towels labeled "Oil Only"

Yellow / Grey Towels labeled "Airframe"

Microfiber Bug Scrubber 

NOTE: This may vary aircraft to aircraft. 


Wipe Down - After Each Flight

Wash - Every 6 Months  

Wash, Wax, and Detail  - Every 12 Months 

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