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Transportation Information

Vehicle Information Binder

The below documents are required for all CAP Vehicles assignd to NCWG. The chart outlines the order the documents should be in. Please note that some of the below documents are exclusive to North Carolina Wing and can only be found below. 

Any questions please contact the NCWG/LGT.


Front Cover

Vehicle Cover Page - Van 

Vehicle Cover Page - SUV 

Inside Front Cover

Credit Cards (in plastic sleeve)


Document #1 Vehicle Credit Card User Quick Reference Guide (in sheet protector) 
Tab #1

Vehicle Registration (sheet protector)  

***For specific vehicle registation contact Squadron Commander, Logistics Officer or Transporation Officer to pull documents from ORMS*** 

Tab #2

2020 Insurance Card (sheet protector) 

Tab #3 CAPF 73 (extra in sheet protector)  
Tab #4

State Inspection (sheet protector)  

***For specific State Inspection paperwork contact Squadron Commander, Logistics Officer or Transportation Officer to pull documents from ORMS*** *** 

Tab #5 CAPR 77-1 
Tab #6 NCWG Supplement CAPR 77-1 
Tab #7 CAPR 160-2
Tab #8 MAR Supplement CAPR 62-2 
Tab #9 Vehicle Maintenance Records 
Tab #10 Sample Receipt Document 
Tab #11 Intentionally Left Blank 
Tab #12 Intentionally Left Blank 
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