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Civil Air Patrol Assessment Program

 Civil Air Patrol Assessment Program


The Civil Air Patrol Assessment Program consists of inspections, staff assistance visits and self-assessments. The program exists to protect the CAP organization by ensuring the various laws, rules, policies and agreements governing CAP programs are complied with. The program also helps its members meet the demands of CAP’s many rules, regulations and policies.

    Wing inspections are a joint CAP/HQ and CAP-USAF activity where representatives of both headquarters attempt to determine how well a wing is managed and whether it is meeting its mission.    Staff Assistance Visits (SAVs) are meant to assist an organization in meeting its goals. SAVs provide assistance and training for the headquarters being visited and form a good practice tool prior to a compliance inspection. SAVs may be conducted at any level headquarters by any higher headquarters. SAVs are most commonly conducted on a wing headquarters by its CAP-USAF Liaison Region.

    Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUIs) are conducted by region, wing or group headquarters on units subordinate to their headquarters. A wing may conduct an SUI on a group, squadron or flight within the wing. Likewise, a group headquarters may conduct an SUI on a squadron or flight within the group.

    Self-Assessments are conducted by any headquarters, commander or staff officer on his/her own unit or activity to determine how well he/she is doing.

    Specific details about scheduling and conducting IG inspections, SAVs, SUIs and Self-Assessments are described in CAPR 20-3  (CAPR 20-3 effective 26 Apr 17).

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