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Q: I’m a new member.  How do I obtain a CAP e-mail address?

A: Members will automatically receive an NCWG Microsoft 365 account, including an email address, upon meeting the following criteria:

For Senior Members: Must complete Level 1 training. This requirement exists to ensure that the SM has completed CPPT prior to being given electronic access to a platform shared by both Senior Members and cadets.

For Cadets: 

  • Cadets aged 18+ must complete CPPT. Cadets who turn 18 without having completed CPPT will have their account disabled until such time as they complete CPPT. 
  • Cadets must add their parent(s) email address to their eServices profile as a Cadet Parent Email.

Q: I can’t access my CAP e-mail.  Who do I talk to?

A: Please contact your unit IT Officer for assistance (if you don't know who this is, ask your commander). If your unit does not have an assigned IT Officer, please ask your Chain of Command to contact the NCWG Helpdesk via email. The email address can be found by searching for Helpdesk in the Outlook Address Book.

(This guidance will be changing once the new NCWG helpdesk is live. For now, though, these are the best options, in order of priority, to receive assistance).

Q: I think I’ve received an e-mail that’s part of a Phishing scam.  What do I do?

A: DO NOT OPEN THE MESSAGE! If you think a received email message may be a phishing scam, please send an email to the NCWG IT Staff (you can find the address in your Outlook Address Book by searching for NCWG IT Staff) and include the complete subject line of the email and the date/time that it was sent. DO NOT open, reply-to, or forward the suspected message!

Q: How do I create or join a Teams meeting? 

A: Click on this link for more info: Creating and joining a Teams meeting


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