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NC Wing Group HSOs

NC Wing Group Health Service Officer:   Job Description

  1. Support the squadron HSOs in the Group:
    1. Identify all HSOs in each squadron in the Group
    2. Assist squadron commanders to recruit HSOs for squadrons without a current HSO
    3. Contact each HSO periodically to identify needs and to encourage active participation as the squadron HSO
    4. Visit each squadron in your Group at least quarterly and make sure that each squadron is receiving regular health & wellness briefings
    5. Assist the squadron HSOs to work through the Specialty Track Guidelines for Health Services (soon to be released)
    6. Assist Wing HSO staff to ensure adequate HSO coverage for all Encampments, including participating personally as Encampment HSO when available.
    7. Reach out to the Squadron Commander and Squadron Safety Officer following each Mishap at the Squadron.
  1. Develop and maintain a list of First Aid / CPR instructors in the Group
    1. Serve as the contact person for the squadrons in the Group who are seeking FA/CPR instruction, and teach at least 1 FA/CPR/AED class per year.
    2. Maintain training equipment for this instruction  --  We are currently working on obtaining manikins, FA and CPR DVD programs, AED trainers and other materials for each Group --  and make this material available as needed within the Group.
    3. Coordinate with Wing HSO staff to hold FA instructor training in the Group annually
  1. Work directly with Wing ES staff to identify HSOs for both training activities (ie SAREX) and real world Missions.  
    1. Develop a “call list” for the Group for this purpose
      1.       Identify HSOs that are willing to respond if available
        1.       Work with Wing HSO and ES staff to ensure that the Group HSOs are properly trained for this purpose
  2. Work to develop a collaborative relationship with the Safety Officers in the Group
  3. Ensure that the ICS 206 form is properly completed, including nearby urgent care centers, EMS and Trauma centers.
  4. Develop a database for the Group that will contain:
    1.          Trauma Centers
    2.           Nearest air ambulance / helicopter
    3.           Hospitals
    4.          EMS resources
  1. Work with Wing HSO staff to prepare and provide aeromedical briefings to Group Air Crew members.   This is a new program that will likely be a recommendation (that all Air Crew Members attend at least one aeromedical briefing annually) initially, but may become a requirement in the future.   The content for these briefings is being prepared for National distribution.
  1. Coordinate with the Group CISM officers.   While CISM is a separate program, it is “under” health services and all efforts should be extended to ensure that CISM officers are available when needed in the Group.   Potential candidates for the CISM training can be communicated to 1st Lt Elizabeth Blevins (Jordan), who is the current Wing CISM Officer.    

NC Wing Group Health Service Officers

Group 1:   1st Lt Marla Larson

Group 2:    1st Lt Joseph Rogers

Group 3:    1st Lt James Menke

Group 4:    Maj Jeffery Anderson

Group 5:    Maj Robert Wittmann

Group 6:    Capt Adrienne Talis

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