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Recent Missions

Recent Missions

Averaging over 15 Search and Rescue missions each year and a variety of Disaster Relief roles, NCWG is one of CAP's most active Emergency Services programs. We closed the year 2020 with 18 actual Search and Rescue calls, including 7 finds and 2 lives saved. Below are some of the recent missions in which NCWG has participated for our communities.

ELT Search (Cumberland County)

On 29 Dec 2020, AFRCC alerted NCWG to a 406 MHz ELT reporting its location near Fayetteville. Lt Col Rob Mason and SMSgt Paul Van Wagner formed a UDF team and departed for the given location within an hour. Hearing no signal on the ground, the decision was made to launch an aircraft on Tuesday night, and another Wednesday morning. No ELT signal was ever detected by any of the crews, and the mission was ultimately closed. 

Missing Person (Halifax County)

On 21 Dec 2020, the NCWG continued its developing tradition of Christmas-week missions, and was contacted by the AFRCC ​and North Carolina Emergency Management to help with searching for a missing person in Halifax County, NC.  The missing 72-year-old man was reported to have dementia and to be on foot.  Multiple Ground Teams responded over the following three days and participated in the search, including one team that worked with a canine unit. Although the missing man was not located, the Wing thanks our many members for giving up their holiday week to help someone in need.

Missing Hiker (Blue Ridge Parkway)

On 18 Oct 2020, NCWG was contacted by Emergency Management in Jackson and Haywood Counties, to assist in a developing search for an experienced hiker who had not returned from a planned hike near the Blue Ridge Parkway. We responded with ground teams, as well as an airborne search over several days. The work of our teams helped to narrow the search area before the hiker was unfortunately located deceased near one of the area's many trails. 

Missing Person (Harnett County) LIFE SAVED

Late on 23 Aug 2020, the AFRCC requested the NC Wing's assistance in locating a missing 63-year-old female in Harnett County, NC.  A virtual Incident Command Post was quickly established and teams were located to join the search the following morning. 

A Ground Team from NC-145 responded immediately and arrived on site on 24 Aug 2020 at 08:00AM.  The CAP Ground Team (GT) was paired with local law enforcement and was assigned a grid to search.  While searching their assigned area, at approximately 09:35AM, the combined GT located the missing woman behind a shed.  The CAP GT then let law enforcement and the EMTs assist the woman and transport her for medical treatment.  NCWG was credited by AFRCC for a find and a life saved for our efforts on this mission. 

COVID Supply Transport (Statewide)

From very early in the COVID-19 pandemic, NCWG was heavily involved in the warehousing, organization, transport, and distribution of vital supplies in the state's effort to control the outbreak of the disease. Our members staffed warehouses filled with protective equipment, organized the delivery of that equipment to over 80 of NC's 100 counties, put over 50,000 miles on our vehicles, and ultimately helped distribute those supplies at Points of Distribution across the state. This mission was the most extensive ground-based mission our wing has ever executed, and our performance was met with high praise at every opportunity, with several of our members being requested by name for future responses. 

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