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Evaluation Guidelines

ES Qualification Evaluation Guidelines

NCWG is proud to call itself home to one of the most highly-qualified volunteer forces in CAP. With the level of activity that our wing sees each year, it is critical that we maintain our standard of excellence in training. For that, we rely on our Skills Evaluators. These subject matter experts are hand-selected by their Group commanders and serve as the backbone of our training program, trusted with the authority to validate the demonstrated skills of members in training. 

The process by which members become qualified in new positions is detailed in our wing guidance on training and evaluation.

NCWG ES Evaluation Guidelines

To find a list of Skill Evaluators in your group, go to this link, and select Skills Evaluator by Qualification, and enter your Group charter # in the box. Select a qualification, and run the report. You should get a PDF containing all active Skills Evaluators for that qualification. 

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