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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Services Program

Description of the ES Program in NCWG CAP.

Emergency Services Wing Staff

A version of the ES Wing Staff page, done to a standard style

Disaster Relief

Information and Links for DR/DS.

Critical Incident Stress Management

This page contains information about the NCWG CISM program.

Incident Command Toolkit

Group Duty Officer contact info, CAPF's, check lists and data to assist Incident Commanders.

NCWG Ranger Program

This page contains training materials and information on the NC Wing Ranger Program

Funded Training Request

This area contains the online Funded Training request forms.

Training Scenario Library

This is a library of sample training scenarios that can be used to assist in your ES training.

FEMA Dam Imagery Guidance

Guidance from FEMA on enhanced requirements for dam photos.

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