MAR-NC-001 (NC Wing)
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North Carolina Wing is an active participant in NHQ’s National Traffic System and serves to pass traffic from NHQ into the Wing. We have thus far passed over 400 weekly Intercom formal traffic messages this way. These Intercom messages are excellent training for Wing communicators in handling formal traffic.

NC Wing NCS learns current operating procedures from National Traffic System and practices this during Wing nets thus giving Wing stations checking into the nets the opportunity to hear proper voice procedures and thus practice and pass them on to others who don’t check into these nets.

The Wing holds three HF nets a week. This provides an opportunity for HF Wing equipped stations to meet confidence check requirements. The HF Stations can then link with VHF stations in their geographical area. VHF nets are encouraged to be active and pass formal traffic to other VHF stations thus providing a source of training in both traffic and current comm procedures.

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