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Chaplain Corps

The Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps is one of the largest volunteer chaplain corps in the world. We are professionals in ministry, and represent our faith traditions in the pluralistic environment of the Civil Air Patrol. Since 1941 members of the Civil Air Patrol have served their neighbors. The Chaplain Corps serves Civil Air Patrol members with spiritual and emotional support. We work hand-in-hand with volunteers from every religious tradition, or no religious tradition at all.  From weekly squadron meetings, to missing persons and disaster relief missions, to summer encampment, Civil Air Patrol chaplains are proud of serve America’s volunteer airmen!

Wing Chaplain: Ch, Maj Thomas Marshall


National Website:

Interested in Becoming a Chaplain?

Are you a pastor, priest, rabbi, or imam with a passion to serve your community, state, and nation?  Civil Air Patrol has a place for you!  If you meet the minimum standards below, contact the Wing Chaplain at the email address above, and let’s start a conversation!

  • Ordained to the ministry
  • Accredited undergraduate degree
  • Accredited master’s degree of at least 72 hours
  • Able to obtain endorsement from a religious organization recognized by the Armed Forces Chaplain Board- almost every major religious group is recognized.
  • Willingness to serve in a pluralistic environment.

Need a Chaplain?

Civil Air Patrol chaplains are here to help. It is not our purpose to replace your minister, or to perform long-term, ongoing spiritual care. However, we are here when you need us. If you need to speak to a chaplain, please contact the Wing Chaplain at the email address above. He will put you in contact with a chaplain near you.

Thinking of Suicide?

Suicide is a major concern in the Chaplain Corps. If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please call the Suicide Hotline at

1-800-273-8255. Please reach out to our chaplains if we can be of assistance.

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