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The three cadet leaders of the CAC (the chair, vice-chair, and recorder) are collectively referred to as the Top 3. They are tasked with leading and guiding the council to complete the assignments given to them. According to CAPP 52-19, the duties of each position are as follows:

Chair: Presides over meetings; ensures they are run fairly, consistent with any parliamentary procedures that have been adopted. In consultation with senior advisor, helps set overall meeting schedule and agenda. Represents the council before the commander.

Vice-Chair: Acts as chair in the chair’s absence. Supervises and coordinates work among committees. Acts as the recorder in the recorder’s absence.

Recorder: Acts as chair if the vice-chair and chair are absent. Acts as vice-chair in the vice chair’s absence. Takes notes during meetings; publishes and distributes minutes. 

FY24 Term Top 3



Cadet Captain Sara V Bissell, MAR-NC-307

Vice Chair

Cadet Captain Mackenzie Rae Hudson, MAR-NC-055


Cadet Second Lieutenant Caleb Gliniak, MAR-NC-079

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