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Cadet Programs

Cadets spelling out CAP on a field of grass
Photo Credit: 2d Lt Bethany Moore, CAP

Top 8 Highlights for Your First Year in North Carolina Wing

A Cadet’s First Uniform

… is available for issue or purchase upon completion of the membership sign up.
Cadets will be instructed on how to properly wear the uniform and informed of the proper conduct while wearing the uniform.

A Cadet wearing her first uniform

Photo Credit: Cadet Carter Maner, CAP

Orientation Flights

… are half-day events, where cadets get to fly a Cessna or glider aircraft on five separate occasions and learn the basics of piloting an aircraft.

Cadet preparing for a glider O-Flight
Photo Credit: 2d Lt Bethany Moore, CAP

Drill and Ceremonies Academy

… is a weekend-long event held once every year.
Cadets learn about beginner and advanced drill in addition to color guard and honor guard.

Cadets with US and NC flags at Drill and Ceremonies Academy

Photo Credit: 1st Lt Liz Dunster, CAP

Ranger Training Weekend

… is a weekend-long event held twice per year.
Cadets can learn about emergency services and get qualifications for ground team and ranger.

Cadets at Emergency Services Training

Photo Credit: 2d Lt Dawn Mathews, CAP

Great Start / Airman School

… is a weekend-long event held two to three times every year by different units. 
Cadets will learn basic CAP knowledge including drill, aerospace, leadership, teamwork, and communication.

Cadets Participating in a Team Building Activity
Photo Credit: Cadet Katiana Cox, CAP

Various Unit Training Days

… are usually single day training. The frequency of unit training days depends on the unit’s activity.
Cadets will take a myriad of training courses and learn diverse topics like radios, leadership, aerospace, cyber, STEM, and more.

Cadets at Science Museum Meeting an Astronaut

Photo Credit: 2d Lt Bethany Moore, CAP


… is a week-long event held at least once per year.
Cadets get to learn about leadership, aerospace, teamwork and military drill in an immersive Cadet Programs environment.

Cadets Riding in a Blackhawk at Encampment

Photo Credit: Cadet Camdyn Ensminger, CAP

Wing Conference

… is a roughly two-day long event held once every year.
Cadets get to attend seminars, a banquet, and a fun activity at the end.

Cadet flying on a flight simulator at Wing Conference

Photo Credit: 1st Lt Jordana Heath, CAP

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