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Biography – Lt Col Richard J. "Tabasco" Tedesco, CAP

Lt Col Richard J. Tedesco assumed his position as Chief of Staff, North Carolina Wing on February 8th, 2020.  Lt Col Tedesco joined Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in March of 2018 and held various positions at the Squadron Level with NC-145, Franklin County Composite Squadron to include Deputy Commander, Operations Officer, Safety Officer, and Finance Officer.  Lt Col Tedesco is qualified as a Mission Observer, Mission Scanner, Aerial Photographer, and TISO qualified to fly the NC-145 Forward Looking Infra-Red equipped aircraft.   Lt Col Tedesco is also qualified in every Incident Command Post position up to and including Incident Commander.

Lt Col Tedesco retired as a Colonel, United States Air Force (USAF) with multiple years of experience as an enlisted member and officer.  He was also a Senior Consultant for Science Applications International Corporation, Program Manager/Capture Manager for Lockheed Martin Corporation, and is currently an Information Security Program Manager for Verizon.  Lt Col Tedesco’s military career includes being the Protocol Officer to the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and as a Division Chief on the US Air Force Plans and Programs Staff and had the role of building the first Program Objective Memorandum (USAF Program) after 9/11.  On 9/11, Mr. Tedesco was in the Pentagon and a first responder to the scene helping to organize support assets and volunteers.  

Lt Col Tedesco’s operational experience includes being a Morse Systems Operator and Hospital Administrative Specialist during his enlisted term.  Then as an F-111A/E Weapons Systems Officer/Electronic Warfare Officer and EF-111A Electronic Warfare Officer in Europe during the Cold War; an F-F15E Weapons Systems Officer in the 1990’s; and a Chief of Information Operations, Kosovo Forces (International Staff) during the Kosovo Occupation in early 2000’s.  A senior officer with multiple years of staff experience, he also commanded as the National Support Unit Commander, Geilenkirchen, Germany and the 99th Support Group, Nellis AFB, Nevada. 

Mr. Tedesco is married to Sharon Kay (Sherry) Tedesco.  His daughter, Lyndsey, is married with two children, Eli (8) and Jackson (4) and resides in North Carolina.   His daughter, Candice, resides in Tennessee.

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