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Biography – Lt Col Chris Duemmel, CAP

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher A. Duemmel assumed duties as Chief of Staff for Civil Air Patrol's North Carolina Wing on 26 April 2022. Currently he leads the Wing's staff in the administrative functioning of the Wing as a whole. He provides guidance, encouragement and training to Wing staff members as needed, and makes recommendations to the Commander regarding staff composition and qualification.

Lt Col Duemmel joined CAP in April 2002 and served in the Florida Wing as Aerospace Education and Administrative/Personnel Officer of Jacksonville Composite Squadron. He held various Group 2 staff positions and later command positions as Jacksonville Composite Squadron Commander and Group Commander of Florida Wing Group 2. Lt Col Duemmel transferred to North Carolina Wing in 2015 and assumed duties as Assistant Director of Safety in 2015 and Director of Safety in October 2018. He joined the North Carolina Wing command staff in February 2022 as assistant Chief of Staff.

Lt Col Duemmel is an active participant in Civil Air Patrol's Emergency Services mission, holding several mission qualifications including: Incident Commander Level 2, Operations and Planning Section Chief, Mission Safety Officer and Ground and Air Branch Director.  He served on Incident Command Staff during both the Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief missions in 2016 and 2018 as an Incident Commander, and also as an Incident Commander and Mission Safety Officer for the COVID-19 Pandemic response. He holds Master Specialty Ratings in Aerospace Education, Administration, Personnel, and Safety.

Lt Col Duemmel is a native of Columbus Ohio and received his professional education form Colorado State University Global with a Bachelor of Science degree in Project Management with a concentration in Emergency Management, and a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Strategic Product Innovation and Change Management. He is employed by Varco Pruden as a project manager specializing in the fabrication and erection management of engineered steel buildings.

Lt Col Duemmel is a 30 year retired member of the United States Armed Forces, serving from 1985 until 2000 in the Navy, and completed his career in the Florida Air National Guard in 2015. A resident of Greensboro, North Carolina, Lt Col Duemmel is married to Susan and has three adult children, Amanda, Allyson and Riley.

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