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2023 NCWG Conference Seminar Descriptions

                       2023 North Carolina Wing Conference Seminars

(Updated 17 January 2023)


ADS-B, Antennas, and Airplanes, Oh my

Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B) has become the new

standard in aircraft monitoring and tracking for private companies and ATC

Facilities across the United States and the world. This seminar examines how ADS[1]B works, crafting an

 antenna for ADS-B frequencies using common household items, and tracking aircraft via use of a

Raspberry Pi computer and free downloadable software.

Blood Borne Pathogens: Protecting Yourself and Others

This informative seminar is designed for anyone with a reasonable chance of

coming into contact with blood borne pathogens and teaches attendees how to

protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing

materials. This seminar is appropriate as an introductory class or a

refresher/update for all CAP members.

Go to BATT for others in distress

We live in a culture and day where stress is all around us. Everyone deals with

issues – some heavier than others. Suicide is on the rise. Emotional issues are

growing. As CAP personnel, we need to be on the alert to those around us and be

willing to help. We go to BATT for others by Being there for them; Actively

listening; and Taking Time for them.

Volunteer University - The Key to a Successful Senior Program: A Case Study.

A brief overview of Volunteer University that then concentrates on the benefits

of having an in-house Vol U instructor and how this directly effects the success of

the unit's senior member program.

Composites in Aerospace Applications

Learn ongoing composite developments affecting aerospace design AND

provides training materials for aerospace training for seniors to transmit to cadets.

NCWG Operations Overview

An overview of where we are and where we are headed as an Operations

directorate. You will have an opportunity to meet the people behind the emails

and ask questions and provide feedback on all things Operations. Attendees are

encouraged to provide questions ahead of time that may benefit the group for

presentation and discussion. Please email them to Maj Robert Call


Leadership theories and application

Explore leadership theories that are present in modern organizations. There are

several theories that will help to enhance unit leadership and cohesion. The

evolution of leadership theories and their applications will start with the birth of

scientific management and the Great Man theory and progress through more

modern theories including transactional and transformational leadership, servant

leadership and authentic leadership. How the use of several theories can help to

enhance a leaders ability to provide direction and guidance, and aid in reaching

the organizations mission, vision and strategic goals. This seminar is not CAP

specific, and the topics described within the seminar have applications outside of

CAP, crossing all organizations.

The GOOD, the BAD and the Ugly of FUNdraising/Finance

Key points for effective unit FUNdraising/finances highlighting squadron

successes and an open forum with the wing finance team to address your questions

and concerns.

Activity Safety Risk Management

We will cover a few examples of risk profiles for various sub-activities and the

importance of adequate adult supervision in risk mitigation.

Building the Health Services Program for the NC Wing

HS Regulation and Specialty Track guidelines, this will be an opportunity for

Health Service Officers in the NCWG to bring up questions of concern, discuss

developing various elements of a solid Health Services Program and related issues.

Emergency Services, How We Train

Discussion of best practices for conducting training and evaluations. Topics will

include SET procedures, what does and does not count for training, promoting

advanced and aviation training for Cadets, and a Q&A.

How to edit and create CAPtivating photos and short videos

Learn the proper way to use social media in posting your stories and

photographs! We will show you how to change and edit your photographs so they

may be used for social media and your Squadron or Wing websites. We will also

teach you how to make short movies and clips that can be used on social

media. Everyone should learn the technology of today and how to use it!

Fundraising that Works

Personnel & Writing Awards

Seminars are subject to change


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