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2021 NC Wing Conference Seminars

2021 NC Wing Conference Seminars

(updated 11 January 2021)



Aerospace Education

STEM Kits in the Local Squadron

This virtual learning session will explore several educational, challenging, and fun activities available free of charge to local squadrons. Instructions on how to order, use, and evaluate the STEM kits will be presented. New and experienced AEOs will benefit. 

Maj Doug Moody, NC Wing Director of Aerospace Education
Maj Patricia Fisk-Moody, NC Wing External Aerospace Education Officer

Understanding Experimental, Light-Sport and Ultralight Aircraft

What are experimental, light-sport and ultralight aircraft, and how do they differ from "standard" aircraft? Who buys, builds, and flies these aircraft? This seminar will present the history of these types of aircraft, along with examples of each, and discuss regulations and pilot requirements. Audience participation is encouraged, and a Q & A will follow if time allows.

Capt Cliff Herring, Sandhills Senior Squadron Emergency Services Officer
Capt Dan Moore, Johnston County Composite Squadron Commander

History of Air Mobility Vehicles from World War II to flying Jeeps to the Current Military and Civilian Agility Prime and FAA Advanced Air Mobility Vehicle Design Specifications

Learn how and why the idea of flying Jeeps and flying cars has been an unfulfilled reality until recent developments in electric propulsion, battery life, composite materials, automated navigation and safer automated flight controls.  NASA, Boeing, Airbus, up to 200 companies, engage in product development.  Covers differing requirements for military and civilian air urban mobility vehicles and drone designs.   The estimated $1.4 Trillion dollar year 2040 world market has explosive career growth opportunities in many aviation disciplines.

Major Donald Piasecki, NC Wing Internal Aerospace Education Officer
1st Lt Susan Morrison, Burlington Composite Squadron Aerospace Education Officer

Cadet Programs

Cadet Programs – Planning for Quality: SDAs, SUIs and QCUA

This seminar will cover an overview of the content and grading of the Staff Duty Analysis Program, how to map out your squadron year to be ready for the QCUA on 31 Aug, and how to excel at your Cadet Programs sheet in your next SUI.

Maj Tammy Hallihan
North Carolina Wing Assistant Director of Cadet Programs


Q and A with the MAR Region Chaplain

Presentation by the Mid-Atlantic Region Chaplain covering a variety of topics to include: updates on ES training for Mission Chaplains and Chaplain Support Specialists; questions and discussion of the new CAPR 80-1 and CAPP 80-40 documents.  In addition, there will be an opportunity for a Q and A with the MAR HC on upcoming plans for future Chaplain Corps Region Staff Colleges and professional development in the Chaplain Corps. 

Ch, Lt Col Wayne Byerly, MAR Chaplain
Ch, Maj Steven Mathews, NC Wing Chaplain


“ReadyOp"-New Communication Equipment for CAP

A presentation on the who, what, when and where the ReadyOp program that will be put in operation soon in North Carolina. This new program will hopefully improve the communications from ICs to ground teams and aircraft in the state. The IC does not have to be on site.  That means an IC sitting in Asheville, can talk to ground teams and others on the coast. There will be time for Q&A after the presentation. 

Maj Fred Draper, NC Wing Director of Communications

Emergency Field Communications

How to set up and operate field communications equipment, improvised field HF and VHF antennas, battery and solar, and generator power, establish and re-establish communications under field conditions

1st Lt Jonathan Bartlett, Apex Cadet Squadron Communications Officer
Capt Jose Guzman, Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron Communications Officer

Cyber Programs

How to Start a Local Squadron Cyber Program

CAP Cyber Programs is not just CyberPatriot and is not just for cadets anymore. It is the new horizon on which our world is running towards and we as CAP members need to be ready. CAP cyber education begins at the squadron level. In this presentation we will show a quick overview of CAP Cyber Programs, how cyber relates to CAP missions, why is cyber important to all CAP members, how to include senior members as well as cadets in a cyber program, what resources are available, and discuss how we can start a program at the squadron level.

Capt Roy Vestal, MAR Asst Director of Cyber Programs
Maj Derek Rustvold, MAR Director of Cyber Programs
Capt Omar Khouri, Group 4 IT Officer


Diversity and Inclusion in NC Wing

We will discuss the current status of diversity and inclusion in NCWG and the national, regional, and wing strategy for increasing diversity and inclusion in our wing. Diversity is the "what"; inclusion is the "how." Diversity focuses on the makeup of your membership — demographics such as gender, race/ethnicity, age, and inclusion is a measure of culture that enables diversity to thrive.

Lt Col Jeremy Browner, NC Wing Assistant Diversity Officer

Education and Training

How to Succeed in CAP - Education and Training Program

This seminar will guide you through the whys, where do I find…, and how do I process… of the program.  Learn about the different Levels, accessing training and materials, entering information and documentation in eServices, specialty tracks, mentoring, and how all this fits in with your CAP service.

Maj Kathy Nicholas, NC Wing Director of Education and Training
Lt Col Valerie Brown, NC Wing Assistant Director of Education and Training
Maj Rodney Cushing, NC Wing Assistant Director of Education and Training

Emergency Services

NC Wing sUAS Program Progress and Future

This presentation will update the progress of our training in NCWG for the use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems for SAR, DR, and other important missions.  Critical information about training opportunities, basic qualification requirements, and new missions will be shared for all those wishing to become Drone Mission Pilots or Technicians or who just want to understand the drone’s role in CAP.

Col Larry Ragland, NC Wing Assistant Director of Operations
Capt Robert Rimmer, NC Wing Assistant Director of Operations

Maintaining the Gold Standard in ES

Come hear about the next step in the evolution of the elite training standards that have given NCWG the reputation for excellence that it has. The virtual environment and cross-group cooperation in missions have given us the opportunity to make sure that all of our training is equally great from mountains to sea, and we'll discuss how we're making that happen and making sure that you get the high quality of training that keeps our members coming back. 

Maj Scott Stevens, NC Wing Director of Emergency Services

North Carolina Wing Special Operations Missions & its Partnerships

Many of you may have noticed that North Carolina Wing continues to find unique opportunities to enhance partnerships outside of our normal CAP flight missions. Things such as the 3-58th Airfield Operations Support Mission to the NCEM/NCWG FLIR partnership. This is an opportunity to learn more about all of these missions and the vital role we play. Take a behind the scenes look at what takes place with the planning and execution of these missions and what new opportunities are on the horizon.

Lt Col Chris Bailey, NC Wing Deputy Chief of Staff

Mapping, Navigation and Team Tracking Resources for ES Scenarios

An overview of digital and print navigation services available to squadrons, that would aid ground team members in generating maps, planning search routes, and tracking the position of other ground teams. USGS online store, CalTopo, Terrain Navigator Pro, and ATAK are some of the services that shall be examined. 

C/Capt Philip J. Nazzaro, Brunswick County Composite Squadron Cadet Commander

Probability of Detection (POD) for Ground Searches

During your sortie debrief, how do you answer the question “What was your POD?” Do you guesstimate a number that is not too high but not so low that they think you don’t know what you are doing? Does your answer start with something similar to “well…..I think….” Using search theory, we will talk about some basic math to calculate the area that your team searched (coverage) and use a mathematical model to determine your POD based on coverage.

Capt Bobby Williams, NC Wing Search and Rescue Officer

Introduction to Ground Branch Director

For anyone curious about becoming a Ground Branch Director, this presentation covers the basic responsibilities and requirements involved in filling this key role in the Incident Command Post.  It would be a lecture, along with a Q&A and demonstration of where to find certain information and tools. 

C/Lt Col Cody Matthews, Winston Salem Composite Squadron
1st Lt Jacob McIntosh, Group 1 Assistant Emergency Services Officer

Liaison Officer Do’s and Don’t....What to Expect and What We Need

How to effectively operate as an LO at multiple levels of CAP and with outside agencies. What does CAP need you to do and what skills are critical to our continued success in our missions supporting our state and agency partners. Why this role is constantly evolving and what we plan to do about making sure NCWG is the best in the country at what we do.

Lt Col Dennis Bissell, NC Wing Liaison Officer to NC Emergency Management

Health and Safety

Lessons Learned From the Pandemic, the Future For a Collaborative and Cooperative Role for Safety and Health Services in Civil Air Patrol

As many are well aware, health services is in a very “evolving” position.   The new CAPR 79-1 and all of its accompanying changes, pamphlets and forms will be coming out in the (hopefully) not too distant future.   We are have developed a number of national working groups on a variety of topics and areas that all HSOs are welcome to participate in.   As the work of these group develops, there should be a lot of new opportunities available for any HSOs who are interested in the expanding role of health services in CAP.   The pandemic has brought with it an unprecedented opportunity for Safety and Health Services to begin to actively cooperate and collaborate in mitigating risks to our membership and maintaining the health of the Force.   During this seminar, we will look at the evolving relationship between Safety and Health Services as well as some of the vital lessons that have been learned through this experience.

Lt Col Stephen Leighton, NC Wing Health Services Officer
Lt Col Christopher Duemmel, NC Wing Director of Safety


Civil Air Patrol and the 99s

In the decades after the Wright Brothers famous first flight, many flying clubs and organizations came into being.  The Civil Air Patrol is one of the longest lived among them, but there are a few even older.  One such group would be the women's flying group: the 99s.  This seminar illuminates the many shared members, and other connections, these two organizations shared in the early years of the Civil Air Patrol.  Connections to the Women's Airforce Service Pilots will also be explored.

Maj Tim Bagnell, Winston Salem Composite Squadron Emergency Services Officer

Inspector General

We're From the IG Office and We're Here to Help

A short look into the NCWG IG program.  This seminar is directed to unit command staffs and will focus on IG Program operation, policies and procedures.  We will discuss why the IG program is important to CAP in general and how the program benefits both the wing and especially the units as well as how you can help us help you.  The upcoming SUI schedule will be reviewed as well as best practices that will enable units to smoothly move through the process.  This will be a fast and interesting look "behind the curtain" alleviating the mystery and stress unfairly associated with the IG program.  

Lt Col Joe Weinflash, NC Wing Inspector General

Leadership and Command

Women in Leadership

Former National Commander Maj Gen Amy S. Courter will share insights on including women in the leadership ranks, managing differences when in the perceived minority and majority, and providing equity as a leader. As a servant leader in CAP with decades of senior leadership experience in her background: in a publicly-traded company, entrepreneurial organizations, and now leading her own business, Courter will save time for a robust Q&A discussion following her presentation. All are welcome. 

Maj Gen Amy Courter, Former National Commander 2007 - 2011

Building and Maintaining an Effective Volunteer Team

Former NC Wing Commander Col Jason Bailey will discuss the types of teams in CAP and blending the talents of members.  See how different strengths contribute to the success of the team.  We will discuss organizing the team for the particular type of task at hand, working together to ensure the workload is shared effectively.

Col Jason Bailey, Mid-Atlantic DCS Cadet Programs

Growth Mindset: Giving and Using Constructive Feedback

The objective of this class to define intelligence, effect of learning on intelligence, and how to foster a growth mindset.   In order to foster a growth mindset we need to provide effective feedback.  This presentation will provide methods and suggestions for fostering a feedback exchange, how to provide praise to encourage improvement, and constructive feedback to correct issues.

Col Eugene Egry, Mid-Atlantic Region Vice Commander – South

Squadron Command 101 or I'm a New Commander, Now What?

For commanders and prospective commanders. The nuts, bolts and philosophies of Squadron Command.

Maj Jim Fitzpatrick, Group 1 Commander

Public Affairs

CAP and Social Media

Public Affairs Officers and Commanders, NC Wing uses Facebook as our social media tool.  We’ll talk about the do’s and don’ts of Facebook.  Do pictures or video’s work better?  What content can we share? And what should we not?  CAPP 152 is likely to be replaced by a regulation in February 2021 and we will include whatever information is available regarding that in the presentation, as well as updates to Regs 190-1 and 150-2.

Capt Lt Liz Dunster, NC Wing Public Affairs Officer
Lt Col Lynne Albert, NC Wing Assistant Public Affairs Officer


Cadet Seminars

Path to Cadet Pilot Panel

Is becoming a pilot on your list of goals? This session will offer insights from a panel of NCWG cadet pilots and pilots-in-training with experience in the Wings scholarship program and the do-it-yourself method. They will share their journey to pilot and their tips to help you reach your pilot goals.

Overview by 1st Lt Jacob McIntosh - NC-019 Deputy Commander for Cadets, Pilot, and former Cadet Pilot
Panel Members: C/Lt Col Cody Matthews (NC-082), C/Lt Col Ronald Smith (NC-305), C/2d Lt Ashleigh McCoy (NC-300)

Public Affairs for Cadets

Calling all cadets interested in the world of Public Affairs and Social Media! Would you like to understand more about the Public Affairs position, how to get published, and what other tools are available to help show off your unit’s successes? If so, come to this seminar to learn from a well-published Cadet Public Affairs NCO about how cadets can excel at the Public Affairs support staff position at the unit level, how to use social media using proper protocols and the difference between PIOs and PAOs.  

C/SMSgt Grace Anderson (NC-048) and Maj Kevin Reinstein (NC-048 PAO)

Spaatz Cadet Panel

Have you ever met a Spaatz cadet? What about 4?! Come hear about cadet opportunities, NCSAs, higher education and study skills from several current NCWG Spaatz cadets who have reached the pinnacle achievement of the CAP Cadet Program. It’s a gathering of the diamonds that should not be missed!

Overview by Lt Col Guadalupe - Spaatz #946, Group 5 Staff & NC-007
Panel Members: C/Col Grant McDaris (NC-019, #2234), C/Col Christopher Cuozzo (NC-019, #2240), C/Col Ryan Buckton (NC-050, #2251), C/Col Tyler Elrod (NC-143, #2274), C/Col Larrabee Hoelscher (NC-111, #2316)

Engineering the Orion Program

Learn about the Orion spacecraft program from one of the engineers! Listen to an overview of the Orion program, hear about the path this engineer took to reach this amazing job, and learn what it takes to engineer a piece of the space program. This session is excellent for cadets curious about careers in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering and for all members interested in the Orion spacecraft program.

Mr. Dan Rolf, current Senior Mechanical Engineer Thermal Analyst for the Orion Program at Lockheed Martin in Denver, CO. Bachelor and Master degrees in Aerospace Engineering

Meet a Navy Test Pilot

If you’ve ever thought about flying a fighter jet – this is the session for you! Join this session to hear from an F/A-18 Navy Test Pilot stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. LCDR Elwell is currently an instructor for the United States Navy Test Pilot School and applying for the Astronaut Candidate Program this year. He’ll talk about his experiences as an F/A-18 test pilot and what it’s like to train test pilots.

LCDR Scott “Fomance” Elwell, current F/A-18 Test Pilot and United States Navy Test Pilot School (USNTPS) Instructor.

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