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2021 NC Wing Conference Seminar Schedule

2021 NC Wing Conference Seminar Schedule

Track #1
Track #2
Track #3
Track #4
Track #5
Cadet Program Track



NC Wing sUAS Program Progress and Future

(Col Larry Ragland and Capt Robert Rimmer)

STEM Kits in the Local Squadron

(Maj Doug Moody and Maj Patricia Fisk-Moody)

Lessons Learned From the Pandemic: The Future for a Collaborative and Cooperative Role for Safety and Health Services in CAP

(Lt Col Stephen Leighton and Lt Col Christopher Duemmel)

Civil Air Patrol and the 99s

(Maj Tim Bagnell)

Squadron Command 101 or I'm a New Commander, Now What?

(Maj Jim Fitzpatrick)

Spaatz Cadet Panel

(Lt Col Guadalupe (#946), C/Col Grant McDaris (NC-019, #2234), C/Col Christopher Cuozzo (NC-019, #2240), C/Col Ryan Buckton (NC-050, #2251), C/Col Tyler Elrod (NC-143, #2274), C/Col Larrabee Hoelscher (NC-111, #2316)



Maintaining the Gold Standard in ES

(Maj Scott Stevens)

History of Air Mobility Vehicles from World War II to flying Jeeps to the Current Military and Civilian Agility Prime and FAA Advanced Air Mobility Vehicle Design Specifications

(Maj Donald Piasecki and 1st Lt Susan Morrison)

How to Start a Local Squadron Cyber Program

(Capt Roy Vestal, Maj Derek Rustvold and Capt Omar Khouri)

Diversity and Inclusion in NC Wing

(Lt Col Jeremy Browner)

How to Succeed in CAP - Education and Training Program

(Maj Kathy Nicholas, Lt Col Valerie Brown and Maj Rodney Cushing)

Public Affairs for Cadets

(C/SMSgt Grace Anderson (NC-048) and Maj Kevin Reinstein (NC-048 PAO)



North Carolina Wing Special Operations Missions & its Partnerships

(Lt Col Chris Bailey)

“ReadyOp"-New Communication Equipment for CAP

(Maj Fred Draper)

Cadet Programs – Planning for Quality: SDAs, SUIs and QCUA

(Maj Hallihan)

Q and A with the MAR Region Chaplain

(Ch, Lt Col Wayne Byerly and Ch, Maj Steven Mathews)

Women in Leadership

(Maj Gen Amy Courter)

Path to Cadet Pilot Panel

(1st Lt Jacob McIntosh Panel Members: C/Lt Col Cody Matthews (NC-082), C/Lt Col Ronald Smith (NC-305), C/2d Lt Ashleigh McCoy (NC-300)



Mapping, Navigation and Team Tracking Resources for ES Scenarios

(C/Capt Philip J. Nazzaro)

Emergency Field Communications

(1st Lt Jonathan Bartlett and Capt Jose Guzman)

Understanding Experimental, Light-Sport and Ultralight Aircraft

(Capt Cliff Herring and Capt Dan Moore)

We're From the IG Office and We're Here to Help

(Lt Col Joe Weinflash)

Growth Mindset: Giving and Using Constructive Feedback

(Col Eugene Egry)

Engineering the Orion Program

(Mr. Dan Rolf)



Probability of Detection for Ground Searches

(Capt Bobby Williams)

Introduction to Ground Branch Director

(C/Lt Col Cody Matthews and 1st Lt Jacob McIntosh)

CAP and Social Media

(Capt Liz Dunster and Lt Col Lynne Albert)

Building and Maintaining an Effective Volunteer Team

(Col Jason Bailey)

Liaison Officer Do’s and Don’t....What to Expect and What We Need   

(Lt Col Dennis Bissell)

Meet a Navy Test Pilot

(LCDR Scott “Fomance” Elwell)

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