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Mid-Atlantic Region SAR College

(update 15 April 2022)

Important Update to MARSAR! We have worked on our costs and have lowered registration costs to $90 dollars now. We are also extending the deadline to register until April 25th.  At that time registration will close and payment and school information will be sent to those who have completed the full registration process. This is an exciting opportunity to sharpen our ES skills and continue the tradition of the MAR “no boundaries” philosophy and work ethic.

KEY Information:

Where: Stanly County ANG Base/KVUY FBO located on the KVUJ Airport, 43222 Lowder Aviation Pkwy, New London, NC 28127. and the Camp Bernhardt Boy Scout Camp

When: May 13-15. Arrivals can begin 13 May at 1200 and departures will be at 1200 on 15 May

Registration Cost: $90 a separate payment link will be sent after registration is accepted

Link to Register: MARSAR REGISTRATION Applications will be accepted until April 25th. School will close registration when full.

Forms Required:

  • Completion of all the required CAP forms for overnight events. The following forms are required to be completed and signed.  Please be aware that GES qualification is a minimum to participate.  GTM 3 Trainee status or above is preferred.
    • CAPF 60-81 Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity                                              Required by Cadets and Seniors
    • CAPF-161 Emergency Information Form                                                                                         Required by Cadets and Seniors
    • CAPF-163 Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication               Required by Cadets Only
    • CAP 160 Health History                                                                                                                       Required by Cadets and Seniors
  • Submit Forms to our FASC:

The college will offer the following training opportunities and tracks:

  • Mission Aircrew School (MP, AP, MO, MS)
  • Ground Search and Rescue (GT1-3, GTL, GBD)
  • Incident Command School (LSC, OSC, FASC, PSC, IC*) * requests for IC training will be approved individually. Members requesting will receive a separate email.
  • Support Staff ( PAOs, Medical, Logistics, Flight Line, MSA’s etc)
  • sUAS
  • Communications
  • Kitchen Team – Any member volunteering to support the kitchen team will receive reduced attendance costs and ability to rotate through various schools during down time


  • IC, Aircrew, and Support staff assigned to airfield will be billeted on the Stanly County ANG base. Members will need to bring linens for single beds
  • Ground SAR participants and support staff assigned to GSAR will be billeted in field conditions (i.e tents/Adirondack shelters). Some staff cabins will be made available for support staff, kitchen team, and others as required.

What is included?

  • All Meals starting Friday Dinner and ending Sunday Breakfast
  • Lodging in either the Stanley Co ANG Base or on Camp Barnhardt
  • MARSAR T-Shirt
  • All training and materials required by instructor to execute training plan for your school
  • Ability to network across region with members and gather experience and training

Additional Communications:

  • Once accepted additional communications will be provided to include:
    • Packing lists
    • Payment Links
    • School specific Information or requirements



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