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Encampment Staff Information

2023 NC Wing Summer Encampment Cadet Staff Selection Information

I.   Executive and Squadron Staff Selection

    1.   Duty Descriptions and Qualifications



1] Responsible for the day to day operation of the encampment, the Cadet Staff and works with the Commandant of Cadets and Senior staff to enforce the encampment standards. Works with the Cadet Executive Staff to set the draft training plan for approval by the Commandant. Selects Cadet Instructors and supervises daily training and Cadet inspections.


2] The Cadet Commander should be in the grade of Cadet Lt Colonel or Colonel. Cadet Majors may apply and will be considered. Previous line staff experience at a previous encampment or other wing level or higher event is required.



1] Serves as the Second in Command to the Cadet Commander and supervises the line staff and Cadet Operations Staff. Assists the Cadet Commander and assumes command in his/her absence.


2] Should be a Cadet Major or higher with line staff experience at a previous encampment or a wing level or higher event.



1] Serves as the Third in the Cadet Chain of Command. Works directly with the Senior Member Deputy Commander for Support. Responsible for supervision of all non-operations and logistics members of the Cadet staff. Coordinates Cadet flights for transportation to and from training areas. Spot checks common areas for cleanliness and cleaning supplies. Schedules the duty flight and logistics support.


2] Should be a Cadet Major or higher with line staff experience at a previous encampment or a wing level or higher event. Senior Cadet Captains will be considered for this position but should have staff experience.



1] Reports to the Cadet Commander and works directly for C/CDO. Works with the Cadet Executive Officer to plan, schedule and execute training events as outlined in the training schedule. Responsible for updates to the training schedule and for the publication of those updates.


2] Should be a last achievement Captain or above. This position requires problem solving skills, organizational and communication skills. This is one of the most important positions on the staff and duty as a squadron commander at home station or at wing/group level events. Cadet Lieutenants that apply may be considered



1] Executes the Commander’s intent. Responsible for ensuring that Cadet standards are met. Reports to the Cadet Commander directly. Supervises training of Cadets, and performance of Cadet NCOs and Airmen. Conducts walk through and formal inspections of barracks, common areas and uniforms. Makes on the spot corrections of all Cadets, Officers, NCO and Airmen.


2] Senior or Chief Master Sergeant or above. Duty at home station as a First Sergeant is desired. Should have served as a Flight Sergeant or First Sergeant at a Group, Wing or higher event. This is a high responsibility and high visibility position. Must possess communication and organizational skills. Must be self-motivated and not require a large amount of direct supervision.



1] Responsible for the supervision of three Cadet Training Flights. Disseminates information and coordinates with Cadet Command and Operations staff to ensure that flights are at the correct place and time. Inspects flight barracks and personnel daily.


2] Cadet lieutenants with a successful encampment as a Flight Commander or above. Should have served as a Flight Commander at a Group or higher event if not at an encampment. Must be well versed on Drill and Uniform standards and will conduct both formal, announced inspections and unscheduled inspections of squadron billets and common areas daily.



    2.    Cadet Staff will work with Senior Member counterparts. Encampment is the premier and most highly visible event of the Cadet year. The course of a Cadet student’s CAP career may be set at their initial Summer Encampment. It is critical that all Cadet Staff maintain the CAP Core Values in all actions and also maintain the highest level of professionalism and respect.

    3.    Cadet Staff are not Drill Sergeants. Cadet Students are from age 12 and up and may be away from home for the first time. Basic Encampment is a stressful experience for Students. Squadron and Executive staff members tend to be older and more mature. Cadet leaders are reminded to act in accordance with the Core Values and use a leadership style that includes empathy, remembering the stressors that the Basic Encampment brings with it. Cadet staff members at all levels are responsible to act accordingly to foster an environment of learning, growth, and development, while maintaining discipline and order.


  1. The Microsoft Form (link included in the email announcement) must be completed prior to the due date – 15 Feb 2023. Late submissions will not be accepted. In addition, each applicant will submit a completed CAPF 60-80 and CAPF 60-81 signed by their squadron commander ONLY to
  1. Applicants will submit a Comprehensive Resume which will need to include all CAP awards, schools, activities, and positions, as well as academic and non-CAP activities. 

This is a CHANGE to previous years and activities. The change is made to give a better understanding of the qualifications of each applicant that may not be captured with just a CAP resume. Applicants are not bound to a specific length of resume but need to use a correct resume format.

  1. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is OPTIONAL. Submitted LOR should be from the Senior Member Officer Supervisor at an event that is not at their home squadron. Cadets should refrain from asking a member of the Selection Board for the letter to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. 
  1. Appearance before a formal Selection Board. Interviews will be held on 4 March at NC Wing Headquarters in Burlington, NC.  Telephonic or Online interviews WILL NOT be conducted. A vital part of the selection process is the performance in front of the board. Board members are evaluating applicants for attention to detail in uniform and reporting procedures, communication skills, problem solving skills, and performance in a stressful situation. This evaluation can not be replicated online or over the telephone. All applicants must be held to the same standard.
  1. Selection Board is to be made up of Senior Members
  1. Vice Wing Commander
  2. Wing Cadet Programs Officer
  3. Encampment Commandant
  4. Encampment Chief Training Officer
  5. Wing Command NCO


  1. Board members will have their questions prepared ahead of time and will ask each applicant for a specific position the same questions. Follow-up questions may be asked to clarify a given answer.
  1. Board Members will formulate their own questions. As such there is no pre-published study guide or “Quizlette” that can be studied. Applicants need to be familiar with Cadet Leadership, Character Development, and Uniform publications prior to appearing before the board.
  1. Uniform for the board will be Dress Blues with Service Coat. Ribbons and awards will be worn in accordance with applicable CAP regulation. Board members understand that Service Coats are not normally new when issued but will be clean and serviceable.


       Applicants are reminded that part of the evaluation and selection process is the ability to follow instructions. Applicants are encouraged to take the time to read this Memorandum of Instruction and ensure that they comply with the instructions within it.


Following are example questions to be used when interviewing prospective Executive Staff Officers.

  • What qualities do you possess that causes you to believe that you are uniquely qualifies for the position you have applied for?
  • Are you willing to serve in a position other than the one you applied for if the board feels you are better suited to a different position?
  • What position do you hold currently in your home squadron?
  • What events at Group and Wing level or higher have you STAFFED?
  • What experience do you have in OR out of CAP that you feel qualifies you for the position you are applying for?
  • What is the most important of the Core Values and why? 
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