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2023 Summer Encampment


2023 NCWG Summer Encampment is 8-15 July, 2023 at Camp Butner!

Watch this page for more information!


18 Jul 2023

Congrats to all students and staff on a very successful Encampment! Hopefully everyone gets a chance to recharge. Please check your email for a link to a brief (less than 5 min) survey to help with planning next year. Please take a moment as your feedback is important!

A formal AAR is being planned for Saturday 19 Aug 2023 at Wing Headquarters, more details to come soon.

Congrats again to all!

06 Jul 2023

Please see below for information regarding the 2023 NCWG Encampment Graduation

  • WHO: All parents, family and friends! Come celebrate and recognize your Cadet and their achievement in completing one of the most memorable events in the CAP.
  • WHERE: Camp Butner Training Center, 475 Roberts Chapel Road Stem, NC 27581 (Same as drop off location). Will be directed to parking.
  • WHEN: Saturday 15 July 2023 at 10:00am. We ask that all guests refrain from arriving any earlier than 9:30 as there is not seating available and the ceremony takes place outdoors in the elements. 
Helpful Notes
  • Graduation is held outdoors in the elements. It is recommended to bring weather appropriate gear as needed. Sunscreen is needed! Hydration is needed!
  • Bring a chair! Unfortunately, as this is a National Guard training site, there is not seating available. Consider bringing a lightweight collapsible chairs (camping style) for everyone in your group.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 9:30am as there is no seating available and the ceremony takes place outdoors in the elements. You will not be able to meet with your Cadet or collect any of their belongings prior to being released. 
  • Graduation ceremony takes approximately 30 minutes. After the ceremony Cadets will need to fully out process and collect their belongings before they are released to parents. Parents will be directed to where you can meet your Cadet when they are ready.


04 Jul 2023

Happy 4th of July from the Encampment team! We are days away from an unforgettable experience. Please review the arrival information below. This info (and more) was sent to your email, please review and understand that compliance is required to participate. 

There are a few important items that you must note:
  • The address for the activity: Camp Butner Training Center, 475 Roberts Chapel Road Stem, NC 27581 
  • Student arrival time will be from 0900-1130 on Saturday, July 8th 
  • Students must arrive in full ABU uniform in accordance with CAPR 39-1 
  • All haircuts must be within regulations. 
  • Make sure that you pack in a suitcase or duffel bag that you can carry by yourself. You will be responsible for moving your belongings from your car to the barracks
  • When you arrive, you will be required to know which flight you are in. You should have received an email from your flight staff regarding this information.
  • Continue to hydrate! We are going to be outside in July and it is important to start hydrating now. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to your flight staff.


10 Jun 2023

Flight slotting has been completed. Students should receive communication from their assigned Flight Staff. If you do not receive any notification of your Flight assignment, please contact the Encampment Commander.

26 May 2023

Required Staff Training (RST) is scheduled 03 - 04 June 2023 (overnight for Cadet Line Staff). The current schedule link is available on this page. Please note a few additional specifics. UOD is ABU. Please make sure to register (link is available on this page) so we can have an accurate head count for food.

  • If you need to arrive on Friday and spend the night you may arrive starting at 1700.

  • Check-in will start at 0830 on Saturday and Training begins at 0900 sharp.

  • Cadet support staff will be dismissed at 1715 on Saturday but you are welcome to stay for dinner.

  • Training on Sunday will be dismissed at 1315.

23 May 2023

Resources are linked to this page for needed information. Please notify the Encampment Commander if you notice any errors or have suggestions for additional resources that should be included.

05 May 2023

If you applied for the NC Wing 2023 Summer Encampment and have not received confirmation of acceptance with the CEAP and payment links, you have been placed on the waitlist.

If you have received confirmation and will not be able to attend, pleased notify us as soon as possible so we can fill the slot.

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