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Training Scenarios

NCWG ES Training Scenarios

In order to simplify and standardize our Emergency Services training for both Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief, as well as facilitate funding requests, NCWG has developed an evolving library of prescribed training scenarios meant to simulate the types of real-world missions that we are often asked to execute. These scenarios have been carefully crafted from several years of experience, and reflect actual mission profiles with which NCWG has assisted our federal and state partners. We encourage their use with an emphasis on making every effort to ensure the most realistic training experience for our teams. Train how you fight, and fight how you train. 

When submitting a Funded Training Request (F98), these scenarios can be used to fulfill the Training Description requirement by simply listing the name of the profile to be exercised. The expectation is then that the profile will be simulated in the most mission-realistic manner possible, and will fill all aspects of the profile. This should be thoroughly reflected in the briefing and debriefing sections of the associated sortie, with full detail, just as they would be in a real-world mission. 

Suggestions for additions or edits to this library are always welcome, and we expect it to change and grow over time. 

NCWG ES Training Scenario Library

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