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Education and Training Newsletters

NC Wing publishes a monthly Education and Training Newsletter.  The newsletters contain information about Civil Air Patrol's Education and Training Program, resources, helpful tips about and how to use eServices, training events and other opportunities throughout and outside of Civil Air Patrol, and interesting information.  Members who have earned the Brig Gen Chales "Chuck" Yeager Award, completed E&T Levels and achieved awards, and earned ratings in their Specialty Tracks are acknowledged each month.

In the left-hand column, there are links to each year's newsletters. Click on each year to view a library of newsletters.  You can also click on the link below to go to that webpage.

2020 NC Wing Education and Training Newsletters

2021 NC Wing Education and Training Newsletters

2022 NC Wing Education and Training Newsletters


Contact the NC Wing Director of Education and Training with any questions and comments about the newsletters.

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