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Education and Training

NCWG Education and Training (E&T) Staff

Director of Education & Training, - Lt Col Kathy Nicholas

Assistant Director of E&T - Lt Col Valerie Brown 

Assistant Director of E&T - Major Chad Hooper 

Assistant Director of E&T - Lt Col Kimberly Morton 

Assistant Director of E&T - Lt Col Daniel Guadalupe


NCWG Group Education & Training Officers (ETO)  

Group 1 ETO - Vacant 

Group 2 ETO - Vacant

Group 3 ETO - Lt Col Roy W Asbell  

Group 4 ETO - Maj John O O'Connor  

Group 5 ETO - Lt Col Daniel Guadalupe  

Group 6 ETO - Vacant


Links to Education and Training on the CAP National Website

Education and Training - main page
Mentoring - staff list, resources, mentor and mentee applications, FAQs
Volunteer University - organizational chart, resources, how to become a VolU instructor, FAQs
Virtual In-Residence Program - staff, ViR Calendar, ViR Expectations, Pre and Post Course Assignments 
Level I: Onboarding
Level II: The Learning Phase
Level III: The Leadership Phase
Level IV: Senior Leadership Phase
Level V: Executive Leadership Phase



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