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CAP Walks to MARs

Civil Air Patrol "Walks" to Mars

The Board of Governors and national leadership are interested in the health and well-being of all members and their families. Healthy volunteers are the foundation for CAP mission success.

Accordingly, CAP has launched a national challenge to "collect" the distances necessary to reach Mars from Earth — 33.9 million miles. The year-long challenge from CAP’s National Task Force for Wellness and Resilience provides a unique and fun way to motivate all of the organization’s personnel, not just membership, to participate in a wide variety of popular sport and fitness activities on a regular basis.

While walking is the baseline activity,all fitness activities earn steps and distance credit based on a scientifically derived scale of effort expended during the exercise.

How Do You Contribute?

  • Know the program and share. 
    Every member contributes distance based on this activity chart. Members report distances or steps for walking, hiking and volksmarching. All other activities – over 90 – receive credit for steps-per-minute based on total time reported.

  • Report your activities.
    Members can report their activities daily or weekly through this online form. Units can report for their members. Unit and wing statistics will be compiled regularly.

  • Encourage others in your unit.
    This is a team activity, so encourage each other to participate.

Who Wins?

Ultimately, CAP wins with every step and every activity. Healthy members are the most important assets to achieve success and excellence in every mission.

As part of the Civil Air Patrol Walks to Mars challenge, CAP’s 52 wings will be competing against each other. To ensure a fair contest, the competition between wings is based on accumulating more than a prorated value of the 33.9 million miles. The target values are based on wing membership as of Aug. 1, 2019. The greater the percentage of distance a wing accumulates over its assigned value, the higher it scores compared to other wings.

Opportunities for individual recognition will also be available.

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